Competition – Win an Exclusive Signed Downhill Poster and DVD

Poster and DVD cover artwork

Chilean Satanic shocker Downhill is released on DVD on Monday 10 October in the UK and to celebrate the lovely people at Solo Media Films have given us an exclusive poster signed by director Patricio Valladores, writer Barry Keating and star Natalie Burn. As if that isn’t enough they have chucked in a DVD of the movie for your repeated viewing pleasure.

An ideal movie for folks who have just had enough of pavement cyclists

In Downhill a call from a needy mate brings American pro cyclist Joe Lamb (Bryce Draper) out of retirement to take part in an exhibition race in Chile. Joe and his girlfriend Stephanie (Natalie Burn) get picked up at the airport and driven to the wilderness to meet up with Pablo (Ariel Levy) and Magdelana (Ignacia Allamand) at the race start. On the way they have a run in with some locals at a petrol filling station, which does not bode well for later.

On arrival Joe and Stephanie set out to explore and find a man slumped at the wheel of a crashed car. He’s been shot and has a really gunky infection on his face. Pablo and Magdalena arrive with a paramedic just as the petrol station guys arrive and start shooting. so its off into the woods only to discover bags of meat hanging from trees and a whole bunch more corpses. It’s not going to end well is it?

Not the best place for a roadside nap

We think Downhill’s a great movie that references both Deliverance and Blair Witch amongst others and also has a really classy British villain see our full review here.

To win the Downhill poster and DVD just e-mail us with your name and address to


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