Goddess of Love (2015)


Writer/producer Alexis Kendra stars as Venus, who lives in a very bijoux little flat, goes to regular ballet classes and come evening struts her stuff as a lap dancer when she isn’t calming her nervous hallucinations with her opium pipe. Breaking every rule of the exotic dancer’s profession she falls for client Brian (Woody Naismith), an Australian photographer who is just getting over the suicide of his girlfriend (by visiting lap dancing clubs? – such class!).

Two months down the line, even Venus in stockings and suspenders is no longer doing it for Brian, so she begins to suspect he’s having it off with a masked woman in one of his photographs. Stalking Brian as he leaves his home,her suspicians seem to be founded so it’s all a downhill spiral into madness and violence with added nudity from here.

Star, co-writer and production designer Alexis Kendra discovers just how satisfying a good scratch can be

OK so what we have here could be described as an erotic revenge chiller with a twist, only there’s not that much substance in the story and I really wish it had either had an interesting side plot or been trimmed down a bit to remove some of the unnessary flab that padded the run time out to 90 minutes. The nudity is all very ‘tasteful’ in that squeky clean plastic made for late night US TV way, but to make up for that there are one or two decent scares and some nice visual effects, oh and a tomato that regenerates between cuts (now there’s something to look out for).

Oh and Flowers don’t get this movie confused with any other Goddess of Love flick, the image search proved to be most illuminating!

An overlong soft core revenge thriller that had my attention wandering I give Goddess of Love a 333/666

Goddess of Love is out now on YouTube, Vimeo On Demand, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, VUDU, Xbox and iTunes.

Trivia: Woody Naismith is the grandson of veteran British character actor Laurence Naismith probably best know as The Amazing Mr Blunden (1972)


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