Vampyres (2016)


Hang on you won’t get clean like that

Vampyres is a remake of Spanish director Joseph Larraz’s 1974 grubby little Brit exploitation chiller of the same name. Basically the plot is pretty similar, Fran (Marta Flich) and Mirium (Almudena Leon) are a pair of saphic vampires living in a dark old house. Anyone passing through the area is fair game, but then Fran takes a shine to Nolan (Victor Vidal) who she decides not to kill after shagging and feeding from him.


As poor old Nolan gets progressively weaker the vamps discover a bunch of students camping in the woods nearby waiting for their some friends to arrive. Unknown to them Fran and Mirium have killed one of their pals and have his girlfriend stringed up in their makeshift torture chamber down in the unfeasibly big wine cellar below the house. It’s all downhill for the students from here with their only chance being the ever more and more drained (in more ways than one) Nolan.


Since Vampyres is remake of a film dating from the heyday of Brit lesbian vampire flick I felt duty bound to also watch Joseph Larraz’s original Vampyres, purely in the name of research you understand to make a comparison. As remakes go this one isn’t bad. The new Spanish location means the weather is better so the students get to sleep in a tent and enjoy the great outdoors rather than be cramped up inside squalid little caravan. There has been a little tampering with the storyline which to my mind improves the film with a marginally more optimistic conclusion. However Horror legend Caroline Munro is  largely wasted as the hotel manager.

Now Larraz was often compared to Jean Rollin and like the best of Rollin’s movies the original Vampyres does contain a fair slice of nudity and lesbian sex, although nobody does the Rollin trademark and gets naked on a freezing cold beach. In Matellano’s film the nudity is more ‘artistically’ staged and shot and isn’t quite as explicit (not a pube in sight) as in the original, though there is still an agreeable quantity of it. What I didn’t enjoy so much was the added dose of torture porn and sadism.

So as it goes not a bad remake, though it does not have quite the shabby charm of the film it is based upon I give Matellano’s Vampyres a 555/666

Vampyres (2016) is out now on DVD in the UK (£7.99) and from 18 Oct in the USA DVD ($17.99) and VOD

You should be able to track down a decent second hand copy the 1974 Vampyres on DVD for about £3