London Horror Festival – All But Us

Mariana (Amy Larcombe) and Ricky (J J Baylis, who also wrote the play) have been to a work do. Ricky has fancied Amy ever since she started at the Heamatology Department, but has been to shy to make a move on her. Amy knows this and really likes Ricky too, so being the last people to leave the do, she decides to invite him for a nightcap in a special private place. The church crypt that her uncle John is restoring.


Things are going really well until Uncle John (Dylan Knight) turns up and (spoiler alert) Amy decides to confess their family secret to Ricky. Ricky is faced with a choice does he join them or will he have to die to protect Amy and John’s secret?

I have to say the quality of the shows I have seen so far at this year’s London Horror Festival has been absolutely brilliant and All But Us is no exception to that. The play runs through all the emotions from eccentric snarky comedy that affectionately riffs off genre horror movies through to sudden startling violence and ultimate tragedy. The writing is razor-sharp and the performances are captivatingly convincing. Baylis does a good job as the bewildered suitor, Larcombe is by turns confident and vulnerable and Knight is particularly good as the initially stand offish elder vampire who eventually comes around to quite liking Ricky like a cautious parent.

A play that lulls you into convivial laughter before exploding into dramatic action and wrought emotions I give All But Us a 666/666

All But Us is just one of the delights to be enjoyed by discerning horror fans at the London Horror Festival. For more details on what to see at the Old Red Lion Theatre leading up to Sunday 28 October visit the LHF website. Nearest tube Angel (Northern Line)




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