London Horror Festival – The Honky Bonk House of Horror

As the lights come up three black shrouded objects occupy the stage. The tallest one standing in the middle of the group is Ben Whitehead making his second appearance at this year’s London Horror Festival. As the one man Fred Strangebone’s Freakshow Ben proved his ability to reduce an audience to a mass of howling comic hysteria just by pulling a face, but in league with Dan Lees and Neil Frost the sheer level of batshit crazy genius anarchic clowning is ramped up threescore.


At breakneck speed we were transported to the Honky Bonk House of Horror, a terrifying dark place where the tropes of both Gothic and contemporary horror were trashed to a new level of anarchic absurdity featuring creepy servants, demonic possession, werewolves, ghosts, galloping horses, mad scientists, cardboard cutout props and copious amounts of yogurt.

There’s no time to get bored as the gags come thick and fast, if it had lasted any longer than an hour I’d have injured myself laughing so it’s a 666/666 for the Honky Bonk House of Horror .

The Honky Bonk House of Horror is just one of the delights enjoyed by discerning horror fans at the London Horror Festival. For more details on what to see at the Old Red Lion Theatre leading up to Sunday 28 October visit the LHF website. Nearest tube Angel (Northern Line)



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