The Crow – Shreds of Memories – Interview with director Pietro Cinieri

We do like a good fan films at the Horror Hothouse so when we heard about Italian filmmaker Pietro Cinieri’s The Crow Shreds of Memories, a tribute to James O’Barr’s graphic novel The Crow and the memory of Brandon Lee we just had to find out more about the not for profit venture.


Filmed on a micro budget The Crow Shreds of Memories stars Daniele Cervellera as Eric Crowan who exacts a terrible revenge upon crime gang The Clan of T-Bird for the murder of his girlfriend Shelly (Mirium Maggio). Also starring Angelo Boccuni as T-Bird and Vito Napolitano as police agent Albrecht the film is beautifully shot (by Cinieri in his guise of Director of Photography) in an almost monochrome palette as befits the white-faced avenger. With a running time of just over an hour there is plenty of well choreographed action and the odd tear jerking moment of pathos. It also has a kick-arse classic rock retro style score. We give it a 555/666, but don’t just take my word for it enjoy it here.

Pietro very kindly agreed to answer a few questions from us so to get the ball rolling we thought it would be a good idea to find out more about the film’s director, writer, DOP and transport manager: ‘I was born a musician and started touring Italy with a band. Later, I approached photography and worked on some movie sets as a backstage photographer. Having loved the atmosphere on movie sets right from the start I then decided to start on a new path, that of directing and  directed several music videos and commercials. I love the genre action and horror. My favourite directors are Sam Raimi, Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, James Wan and Clint Eastwood.’

So what was it that appealed to Pietro so much about the character of The Crow and to make his tribute film? ‘The Crow Shreds of Memories is not a remake, but a tribute to the talent of James O’Barr and Brandon Lee’s memory. Our film is inspired by O’Barr’s comic  merged with some elements of the Proyas film.’

Having enjoyed The Crow Shreds of Memories so much we wondered what might be next from Pietro Cinieri filmmaker? ‘Currently The Crow Shreds of Memories is in competition at various international festivals. Meanwhile I am working on my first web series, titled Metropolitan Legends, which examines urban legends. It’s a paranormal horror web series that will terrify!’

Pietro Cinieri thank you so much for speaking to the Horror Hothouse and good luck with The Crow Shreds of Memories and Metropolitan Legends, we can’t wait to see them




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