Aloys (2015)

Georg Friedrich is Aloys

Swiss private detective Aloys Adorn is having a pretty rubbish time. First of all he does not have any friends, then his father dies, leaving him even more alone in the world except of course for the cat, and then just as he crack a divorce case someone goes and nicks the surveillance tapes when he falls asleep on the bus.

Then things start to weird out when a mysterious woman telephones and offers to return the tapes so long as he agrees to contact her through the obscure Japanese practice of telephone walking, using his imagination. When she attempts suicide the telephone walking adventures ramp up to an entirely new level of bonkers creativity finally allowing Aloys to break out of his isolation into the real world.

It’s party time with Aloys and Vera (Tilde Von Overbeck)

This is a pretty difficult film to pigeon-hole but it’s a real delight once Aloys lets his imagination loose with some really eccentric dream like sequences. The brightness and joy of the scenes where his imagination really let’s go are cleverly contrasted with the muted colour palette used to illustrate the humdrum mundanity and isolation of his life before he embarks on his telephone walking experiment. First time director Tobias Nolle is clearly one to watch.

A delightful and ultimately uplifting movie I give Aloys a 555/666


In Swiss German with English subtitles Aloys has recently been released as a dual format DVD/Blu-ray in the UK from Eureka. Price £14.99





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