Crucible of the Vampire Preview


One of the Hothouse’s favourite films of 2015 was the female-led psychological horror The Singing Bird Will Come, now the same team of director Iain Ross-McNamee and producer Amanda Murray comes Gothic chiller Crucible of the Vampire.

Katie Goldfinch 4.jpg
Katie Goldfinch is Isabel

Katie Goldfinch is Isabel, a university researcher who is drawn to an old house by an ancient cursed artefact. Discovering the dark secret within the house’s grim foreboding walls will Isabel will be able to escape the clutches of house’s malevolent occupants and save her immortal soul?

Neil Morrissey is Robert

Set in a large country house in Shropshire, Crucible of the Vampire has quite clearly been influenced by classic British horrors like Jack Cardiff’s The Innocents (1961) as well as the Hammer, Tigon and Amicus Gothics of the 1960s and 70s, but there are also more contemporary touches learnt from modern J and K Horror. The film stars Katie Goldfinch as Isabel along with Neil Morrissey, Florence Cady, Brian Croucher, Larry Rew, Charles O’Neill, Babette Barat and Angela Carter

Florence Cady is Scarlet

We are delighted that Ghost Dog Films have chosen to share some exclusive material with the Horror Hothouse so keep watching this space in the meantime enjoy the trailer.




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