BoXed (2016)

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Gallery manager Rachel (Jane Hamlet) has a problem her sister Hope has gone missing. On top of that Richard (Charles O’Neill), her ex-lover and client is pressuring her over his latest exhibition. Then along comes Richard’s former collaborator Nicholas (Mark Cornwell who also composed the soundtrack) and he’s got a bit of previous with Rachel too.


Jane Hamlet is Rachel

Rachel’s search for Hope takes her back to some dark lost moments of the life she had hoped she had left behind, but what is real and what is fantasy?


The chronologically fragmented narrative of Daniel A Finney’s first feature-length film as director, quickly drew me into Rachel’s world with its opening gambit of posing a number of questions. The big unanswered question is whether their resolution is  what really happened in Rachel’s life or is it something manufactured by Rachel’s subconscious?


Charles O’Neil is Richard

Beautifully shot in monochrome BoXed is an enigmatic and sometimes disturbing watch that shows real promise for Finney’s future in film making, I give it a 555/666.


Oh yeah there is a subtle little nod to Euro Horror too, enter Constable Naschy!