NightmARes (2016)


Could augmented reality be the future of Horror? Well let’s see what happens when Victoria (Victoria Morrison) tries on Tom’s (Ashley Pekri) headset?

Well it didn’t end well for Victoria in James Mansell’s short NigtmARes did it?
James told us: ‘NightmARes was imagined as a horror version of Pokemon Go…gone horribly wrong!  The film came from the idea of what the next generation of immersive horror games would become, but clearly there’s something a little wrong with this game.
Apparently Seth Sherwood, the writer of Leatherface and Kailey Marsh fromThe Blood List are very keen to work NightmARes into a larger project. Let’s hope so, the possibilities seem limitless.
Intriguing short with big potential we give NightmARes a 666/666

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