Slasher House II (2016)

Now Hollywood have the Marvel, DC and now the Universal Monster Universes, scads of cash and industry muscle, but what can we offer from the UK?

Well Slasher House II, the latest offering from MJ Dixon‘s Mychoverse may not have  Tinsel Town’s big stars, familiar monster properties or mega budget CGI effects, but it does serve up loads of gore, jump scares and plenty of martial arts action coupled with the ability not to take itself too seriously.

Francesca Louise White is Red

Francesca Louise White takes over the role of Felissa Harley AKA Red from the original 2012 Slasher House‘s Eleanor James. Like a potty mouthed Selene, Red batters a panda masked psychopath to rescue stripper Amber (Luna Wolf) from his clutches, before strutting on to investigate a mysterious organisation hell-bent on abducting the world’s worst serial killers (many of whom have appeared in Mycho’s back catalogue, just sit back and enjoy the visual breadcrumb trail, through Legacy of Thorn, Hollower and Cleaver Flowers). What do they want them for? It’s up to Red, her new sidekick Amber and computer geek controller Luse Gui (Sophie Portman) to infiltrate the secret lair and find out.

Is Red soon to be dead?

Like most of Mycho’s product Slasher House II happily wears its influences up front:  Red’s leather clad, wise cracking avenger owes a huge debt not just to Underworld‘s Selene, but also to Blade, Arnie’s Terminator and ultimately I suppose Bogart’s Philip Marlowe. There’s an absolutely gorgeous red and green Argento style colour palette, a John Carpenter style synthesised score  and the wuxia style fighting is extremely well choreographed. Given the micro budget the effects are not exactly state of the art, but they do contribute a good part of the dark fan boy humour charm that infects the Mychoverse, along with the sharp dialogue and nicely observed classic 80s slasher character tributes.

Meet Red’s new sidekick Amber (Luna Wolf) will Green be next?

For me the thing that makes Mycho’s films so enjoyable is the sheer amount of naked enthusiasm that goes into each micro budget production with cast members taking on multiple roles both in front and behind the camera. Sure this does occasionally result in some awkwardly delivered dialogue, but on balance the raw energy, warped humour and sheer creativity more than make up for any shortcomings.

An exuberant festival of violence, gore, punchups, gags and corny one liners I give Slasher House II a 555/666

Slasher House II will premiere on 22 January 2017 at the Horror on Sea Film Festival in Southend and can be ordered here at the Mycho website for a limited time.




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