Rock n Roll Frankenstein (1999)

Writer/director Brian O’Hara just sent me his movie Rock N Roll Frankenstein. The basic idea is so brilliantly batshit bonkers I’m just surprised nobody has ever done it before.

Craig Guggenheim is the composite King

Rock manager Bernie Stein (Barry Fetterman) gets cheesed off with temperamental rock stars and their demands so he gets his disgraced scientist nephew Frankie (Jayson Spence) to cobble together a rock star from the parts of dead rockers. Assisted by stoner roadie Iggy (Hiram Jacob Segarra) Frankie stitches together the head of Elvis, the legs of Keith Moon, the hands of Jimi Hendrix and for some reason the arse (please note the correct spelling, it’s not Sid’s donkey) of Sid Vicious. Things only go wrong when on a visit to the collection of dead celebrity peni, Jim  Morrison’s pickled cock gets damaged and Iggy switches it for Liberace’s member in an echo of Fritz (not Ygor) switching the abnormal brain for the one he drops in the 1931 Frankenstein.

Rock N Roll Frankenstein is a lot of fun with some great gags, especially the Black Sabbath one which is probably even funnier today given the present farewell reunion tour. In my opinion the gay Liberace cock joke does wear a bit thin and I think it would have been more interesting to have worked up the composite creature’s internal conflict over choosing between Liberace’s cheesy piano tickling and King’s hair metal. Craig Guggenheim makes a really excellent stab at impersonating Elvis though.

Rock N Roll Frankenstein is out now on DVD and Digital in the USA and UK

Marks lost for overdoing the gay cock gag, but otherwise totally batshit bonkers I give Rock N Roll Frankenstein a 555/666




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