The Unkindness of Ravens 2016

We have been very excited about Lord of Tears director Lawrie Brewster’s latest movie The Unkindness of Ravens for some time, finally the postman has slipped our copy under the dungeon door.

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We weren’t disappointed by the tale of Afghanistan veteran Andrew who, in an isolated cottage in the Scottish Highlands faces up to the manifestation of his own personal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder demons in the form of the Raven Warriors. Now I have been asked to review the movie for another publication so I’m not going to give anything else away other than to say this is a really powerful film that will put your emotions through a meat grinder thanks to a truly extraordinary intense performance by Jamie Scott-Gordon as Andrew and the awesome realisation of the Raven warrior imagery combined with the wonderfully eerie musical score and incredibly beautiful atmospheric cinematography of the Highlands and Edinburgh by Michael Brewster and Gavin Robertson.

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The Raven Warriors

An awesomly powerful film packed with stunning visuals and an incredible lead performance by Jamie Scott-Gordon I give The Unkindness of Ravens a 666/666

The Unkindness of Ravens is available as a really lovely three disc gatefold package (Blu, DVD and soundtrack CD from Hex Media.

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Extras include:

A series of poetic shorts

Behind the Scenes documentary




Deleted scenes



Jamie Scott Gordon as Andrew

Jamie Scott Gordon as Andrew