Egomaniac (2016)

In the Hothouse dungeon we are great fans of Brit filmmaker Kate Shenton, whose second feature-length horror flick, Egomaniac premiered at London’s Horror Channel FrightFest 2016 and is now out on the festival circuit.

Egomaniac-Poster_Artwork[1] (2)

Kate wrote and directed the darkly comedic story about filmmaker Catherine Sweeney (Nic Lamont) who wants to make a zomromcom. However nobody is interested in funding her film unless she puts s talking dog in it. The wickedly funny movie follows Catherine as compromise follows compromise to get the film made even at the cost of her own sanity.

As time goes on Catherine’s grip on reality loosens

I suspect there is a touch of autobiography in the finished film and having knocked about on the horror scene for a while I recognise some of the situations and people Catherine gets involved with. The indie film screening close to the film’s start where Kate’s short Gimp gets a bit of screen time is pretty close to the bone and a real hoot.

The film features Adam Rhys Davies (The Twins Macabre), Dan Palmer (Stalled,Banjo) and Laurence R Harvey (Human Centipede 2 & 3).A delightfully cynical insider satire of indie horror filmmaking we give Egomaniac a 666/666.

Find out more about Kate Shenton at the Kate Shenton website






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