Counter Clockwise (2016)

Time Travel, yeah it looks like fun on Dr Who, but as geeky scientist Ethan (Michael Kopelow) discovers in Counter Clockwise it is an almighty pain in the arse when all is said and done.

future or past ouch coming up?

Ethan wasn’t even trying to invent a time machine when his matter transference experiment goes wrong. No Cronenberg style mess when the one-eyed pooch gets zapped from transference machine A, no nothing arrives in machine B for hours, then doggie is back with even the single eye right in the socket where it should be. So naturally Ethan has to give it a go, only to find himself six months ahead in the future with his lab locked up and his mum in a coma. As if that’s not bad enough he is also wanted for the murder of his wife and sister.

Hooking up with former assistant Ceil (Alice Reitveid) Ethan has to evade not just the cops and the shady operatives from his former employer and its rival, but also multiple time hopping versions of himself, to go back in time again and attempt to unravel the clues these other Ethans have left behind (did I say it was a bit complicated?) and determine what the hell is going on.

Counter Clockwise is the debut feature from director George Moise who also wrote the screenplay with actor Michael Kopelow. Yes the plot is complicated and there are a couple of minor holes in it, but it’s an intriguing story that quickly draws you into the confusing mess that Ethan’s life has become. Frank Sims makes a memorable villan with real anger management issues and some truly horrible sidekicks while Kopelow is a refreshingly shabby geeky beardy hero.

Oh and the dog survives.

Head scratching complex time traveling thriller I give Counter Clockwise a 555/666

Counter Clockwise is out now on DVD and Blu-ray in the USA and on demand from Amazon in the UK




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