Agatha (2016)



Tim Vandenberg’s Agatha tells the story of Sophie, a young girl who has been hired to take food up to a mysterious old woman who is locked in an attic. We don’t know why perhaps she is a prisoner or maybe dangerous?  Each night, as Sophie completes her task, her curiosity draws her closer and closer to what could be her last meal.

We liked the dark creepy vibe of Agatha so we asked Tim to tell us a bit about himself and how the film came to be made: ‘I’m a North Carolina filmmaker and I have been working in film production for about 15 years as a Camera Operator/Editor on productions as well as a producer/director on my own independent films.’

The idea for Agatha sprung from a recurring nightmare I had as a child where an old hag was trying to drag me from my family off to a an old cabin in the woods by my house.

I originally wrote and produced  Agatha as a resume piece to support another horror film I wrote,  called The Tower . Up untill now I have mostly created comedy films and I wanted to see if I had the horror chops. The short led me to write a full length film.
The response to Agatha has been overwhelming so now we are really excited at the potential for getting a full length version made.’
Agatha is currently on the festival circuit but will be available on Crypt TV later in the year.