The Fiance (2016) – We talk Bigfootism? with Writer/Director Mark Michaels

The Fiance poster

The Fiancé is a Bigfoot movie with a difference. Dallas Valdez is dodgy businessman Michael who falls for the lovely Sara (Carrie Keagan) the daughter of a Russian Mafia Don. Michael intends to pop the question to Sara over the weekend out at his secluded woodland cabin and is just relaxing to some hot jazz (on vinyl naturally because that’s the kind of trendy guy Michael is) when a dishevelled Sara turns up at the door. She’s met a Bigfoot and not just your ordinary kind of walking carpet monster, this one has bitten her and passed on his condition. Michael’s happy weekend is about to take a whopping great nosedive.

Michael likes listening to jazz on vinyl and drives a Lexus let’s face it he deserves what’s coming

Now there’s been a lot of Bigfoot movies over the past few years like Abominable (2006, basically Rear Window with a Sasquatch instead of Raymond Burr) and found footage creature features The Lost Coast Tapes (2012) and Willow Creek (2013), and essentially most of them could have just as easily been slasher movies. where The Fiancé comes into its own is with the idea of the Bigfoot bite passing on Bigfootism (I think I just made that word up) like the bite of a werewolf or more recently that of a zombie. this piqued my curiosity to so I decided to find out what it is that makes writer/director Mark Michaels tick.

Mark began by telling us a bit about where he comes from and who his influences are: ‘My formal training is in the theatre (MFA Degree from UCLA) as an actor, writer, producer and director – Theatre trained me to use what works and discard what doesn’t – From the theatre experience I came to love the written word as well as the actors speaking them –

But my true love is movies! Or maybe the magic of movies when the screen is black and you are waiting with the audience in anticipation of what may come – It is a thrilling moment for me – Anything is possible! And I wanted to be a part of that excitement so I changed course from theatre to film.  My directing influences run the gamut; Spielberg, the Scott brothers, Hitchcock, John Carpenter and Brian De Palma and my favourite films would be Jaws,The Exorcist, Alien, Psycho, 28 Days Later, 30 Days of Night, John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Descent and Tomas Alfredson’s original Let the Right One In.’
So what made Mark want to make a Bigfoot move? ‘It was late at night and I couldn’t sleep. I tuned to a radio program discussing Bigfoot. Then they played some recorded Bigfoot sounds. One in particular made my hair stand on end. The next morning, I rolled out of bed and started writing. Six weeks later, the script was locked and we were ready to shoot The Fiancé.’
And just why did Mark decides to make being a Bigfoot a communicable disease? ‘Love is probably the most powerful emotion there is – It was much more important and powerful for me to have two people who are invested in one another (in love) have a seismic shift – And the way we accomplished this was to have our Sara become infected by being bitten by Bigfoot. On a much more subtle level, I believe that when a relationship moves to committal such as engagement or marriage or simply living together, sometimes a person changes; a man becomes a brute bastard or a woman becomes a bitch – I just take it much much further’.
That’s a very interesting idea and The Fiancé certainly puts a new spin on a subgenre very much in danger of endlessly feeding back on itself. And Mark’s next movie Valentine DayZ pushes that infected love them just a little bit further take a look and see:

The Fiancé is available on demand from Amazon in the USA.  We give it a healthy 444/666



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