Hide the Monster (2016)

I love it when something random turns up in the Hothouse in-tray, which is exactly how we found out about Gabe Saenz’s POV shocker Hide the Monster.

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On 4 July 2016 hackers uncovered police records of unsolved cases, Hide the Monster is just one of them handily recorded by victim grad student Alex (Kyle Roark) who makes the mistake of tagging along to film his fellow student pal Thomas (Gabe Saenz ) as he completes his PHD  psychology project.

Thomas’s project is Isaiah (Owen Hirst), a withdrawn child who is obsessed with a set of tarot cards, wears an animal mask, has an imaginary invisible friend and likes to play a version of Hide and Seek called Find the Monster. Isaiah’s marmie, Steph (Michelle Hirst, who I suspect must be Owen’s real life mum) is a bit of a loony Christian who threw Isaiah’s dad out for practicing bizarre rituals with the tarot cards, so no surprise the kid is messed up.

Needless to say Alex and Thomas try to bring the lad out of his shell by playing Hide the Monster, but this pretty soon gets way, way out of control. Turns out Isaiah is pretty good at hiding and maybe that friend isn’t quite so imaginary. You know this isn’t going to end well for these lads.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of POV and found footage, but once I got over the motion sickness inducing camera roll I thought  Hide the Monster was pretty good. Roark is just about annoying enough as the camera pointing nerd, while Saenz is likable as the sensible academic just trying to get the job done. Michelle Hirst makes a good fist as the god fearing mum, but her little boy is downright scare city as creepy little Isaiah

A neat creepy kid slasher POV I give Hide the Monster a 444/666

Hide The Monster is currently available for purchase download, DVD, or streaming rental world-wide via http://www.hidethemonster.com/ and via Amazon Video




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