Flower of Death Short (2016)

One of the great things about curating a Horror website is that all kinds of people send you stuff that they have created, stuff that you otherwise might never get to see. Flower of Death is an interesting short by Swedish filmmaker Viking Almquist . Viking tells me that it is ‘about a girl who witnesses a murder and becomes the killers next target. A basic Giallo, really.’

‘I’ve been making films as far back as I can remember.’ Viking continued, ‘One of my earliest memories was when my parents got me to dub a Danish film called The Chimneyman into Swedish. It was quite a scary film so it was not a pleasant experience. I started making films on my own when I was 10. What got me really serious about it was watching Jurassic Park on television when I was 13. I have got too many influences to bring up them all up, so I am sticking to the two who I think are most important: Martin Scorsese and Nicolas Winding Refn. Scorsese really made me aware of film form and how to push what you can do with film.’

‘Currently I am witting a feature film about Sweden in the year 530. I am also in pre-production of a short and editing another short film which is about evil fungi from outer space.’

Evil fungi from outer space eh?, sounds just like our cup of Hemlock alright!


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