The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough

Cover design by Ghost

We like Sarah Pinborough at the Hothouse.her Gaslight chiller Murder was one of our favourite novels of 2014. The Language of Dying, which has recently been published by our good friends at Jo Fletcher Book, is a very different kind of book, one which almost defies genre.

In the British Fantasy Award winning The Language of Dying a woman sits by her father’s bedside as he succumbs to the cancer that is consuming him. Over the past week her three brothers and her sister have been to visit the old man to say their goodbyes, a plot device that serves to reveal all of the weaknesses and frailty in their relationships, but now she is alone once more as the clock ticks. However there is something dark and threatening in the fields outside the house, something that our narrator both dreads and yearns for.

Although there is a narrow line of dark fantasy running through the book don’t come to The Language of Dying expecting anything as exuberantly fantastical as Sarah’s previous horror or urban fantasy works. What you will find in this short novel is a beautifully written and deeply sad story that will quite likely break your heart, especially for anyone whose life has been touched by a relative dying of a long debilitating disease.

A totally engrossing, courageously written tale I give The Language of Dying a 666/666

The Language of Dying is published by Jo Fletcher Books in the UK price £8.99.




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