Girls Night – Short (2016)

Sans titre-1.jpg

So what happens when Alyson (Alice Nazare), Chloe (Liliana Garcia) and Jess (Marina de Sousa) get together for a Girlie Halloween slumber party? Lipsticks get compared, wine gets necked and then somebody has the bright idea to tempt fate with scary stories about urban legends instead of settling down with a nice relaxing John Carpenter box set. I think we all know that it won’t end well for our girls in David Teixeira’s French horror short Girls Night.

We really liked David’s movie (it’s a big 555 out of 666), these are real girls like girls that we all know, getting louder and dafter as they get more loaded, not a bunch of Prom Queens, which makes what happens to them all the more shocking.

Naturally having enjoyed Girls Night so much we asked David to tell us a bit about himself: ‘I’m 28 years old and was born in Bordeaux, France, but I have lived most of my life in Portugal. I’m trilingual – English, Portuguese, and French, and my love for arts like photography and films started when I was really young, I studied filmmaking from  2006 to 2009 as my Licence degree in Portugal.

It was in Portugal that I directed my first two short films: Sweet Madness (2007) and The Continuous Noise (2009) that were actually based about my life at the time. Following these two films I wanted to study more about directing actors because that is my real passion. I love to pass on my vision to the actor that I’m directing, putting him or her into a comfortable place where they can input to the project anytime, enabling us to enjoy a good relationship. That’s my mission anyway.

In 2010 I directed a mini short film Easy Lover with the London Film Academy, then in 2012 I was offered the opportunity to work with a friend on her documentary called HABITAT, which premiered on Portuguese national television in Portugal in March 2013. In HABITAT I was a camera operator and first Assistant Director. It was a tremendous experience, the documentary is about migration and the idea of comfort for the people who travel, so it’s really dear to my heart. After that I moved to Paris to pursue my dream as a filmmaker, but it didn’t go as planned so last year I came back to the source of everything, Bordeaux. where I made Girls Night.

I’ve always loved horror films since I was young. The first one I remember was Species and it freaked me out. And since then I’ve always had a fascination for female empowering roles such as Ripley or Buffy. In the beginning Girls Night was intended to be a mini-series of three parts, with four characters, but there were some complications so I reworked my script and rewrote it into a short film with just the three female characters. And it works. I’m very very proud of it even with its technical limitations. It was super challenging for me because I did it all by myself. It was an opportunity to prove to myself that I could do it. And I did. I wrote, shot, edited and directed Girls Night. So you can imagine how much of myself is in it. My principle inspirations are Wong Kar-Wai for the cinematography, Wes Craven for cast direction and Oz Perkins for the pacing and atmosphere. Oz Perkins has been my greatest discovery of the past year. I love his twisted mind.’

Girls Night is in the process of being entered for film festivals during 2017 and we wish David the best of luck.



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