Swamp Shark (2011) Friday Morning Creature Feature Bargain Basement of Horror


I got this little gem as part of a set of three made for US TV horrors, that also included Snow Beast and Monsterwolf, all for £1.99 at the British Heart Foundation shop. Sandwiched between multiple copies of Van Helsing and Donnie Darko on the shelves (why are there so many copies of Donnie Darko in charity shops?) it was still in its facrtory seal untouched and unseen.

Well was it worth it? As it happens yes, Swamp Shark is a fairly entertaining if preposterous fishy romp. For some unexplained reason the sherif of Cyprus Lake, deep within the Florida Everglades has a giant mutant armoured shark released into the swamp. When the finned phantom eats the pet gators and an unsatisfied customer at the Gator Shed restaurant, owner Rachel Broussard (Kristy Swanson) and her clan team up with an undercover Fisheries and Wildlife Special Agent  (DB Sweeney) to take the beast down before it makes a meal of all the bikini clad teens larking about at the annual Gator Fest.

Tyler (Richard Tanne),  Tommy (DB Sweeney) and Rachel (Kristy Swanson) go shark hunting

Meanwhile a number of youths are predictably set up to get chomped for slipping off for a bit of illicit nookie or just for being obnoxious, while the crooked sherif is determined to play down the rumours about the shark.

Special effects and shark prosthetics are OK and there’s a fair bit of claret splashed around, but nothing overly gruesome. And for nudity fans, sorry although the odd bikini top discreetly slips off the shoulders, this is a made for US TV movie.

It’s not Jaws but its way, way better than Raiders of the Lost Shark so 333/666


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