Jurassic City (2015) Friday Morning Creature Feature from the Bargain Basement of Terror

‘Those are dinosaurs, this is a prison, I’d say we are all a bit out of our element right now.’ Well you said it Pippi (Dana Melanie) but that’s what happens when you crazy sorority girls get caught underage drinking in LA.

Banged up with the beasts in Jurassic City

While Pippi and her pals are getting processed at the county jail’s front desk and convicted serial rapist and murderer Doyle (Kevin Gage) is being escorted to his cell, Warden Lewis (Twin Peaks’s Leland Palmer Ray Wise) gets a phone call from Agent LeFranco (Vernon Wells). Turns out security has been compromised at a top-secret military dinosaur breeding installation and the obvious place to store a van load of very angry velociraptors, while the military deal with the situation is of course in the jail’s underground car park.

Not quite Twin Peaks for Ray Wise as Warden Lewis


So it’s no surprise that when the dinosaurs get loose they eat the warder in the jail’s security control room, which naturally results in the simultaneous release of all the prisoners forcing Pippi’s gang into an uneasy alliance with Doyle as the raptors go on the rampage.

Yes Jurassic City is that daft, the Dinosaur CGI is a bit basic and the acting does occasionally veer into Oak Furniture Land, but it is a fairly entertaining diversion for an hour and a half of your time with plenty of action, explosions shouting and running about. There’s a bit of gore with people getting heads and limbs bitten off and eaten, laughable dialogue and a stonking couple of continuity howlers.

It’s nowhere near as much of a stinker as The Evil Beneath Loch Ness (2001) where Vernon Wells got to play a badass Scottish copper with a boat that laid depth charges

A completely daft but none the less amusing  Jurassic Park rip off, I give Jurassic City a 444/666

Expect to pay anything from £0.48 plus postage on Amazon


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