Dead Air Kickstarter

Who wants to see a film where a female punk rock band fights a bunch of demon spawned critters on a plane at 30,000 feet?


Yeah thought you would, well director Geoff Harmer and writer Peter Hearn are mad keen to get the Dead Air concept short off the ground (see what I did there)  and have set up a Kickstarter page to fund the icky sticky story of what happens when female punk band, Monster Kitten take a flight to the final gig of their tour on a Boeing 737 with a deadly secret. A horde of nasty little critter that just love to bite and just happen to be infectious to boot. Naturally having had any liquids over 100ml confiscated at security all the girls have to fight back with are their instruments, a tape recorder and a bottle of piss.

concept art by Samuel Silverman

It looks like Geoff has a whole heap of talent lined up for the short, aside from having writer Peter Hearn on board there are: Stacy Hart (Drums), Kate Marie Davies (Bass), Charlie Bond (vocals) and Johanna Stanton (Guitar) as Monster Kitten, Dan Palmer as their manager, The Inbetweeners star David Schaal as the pilot and James Hamer-Morton as the co-pilot. Music is by Dan Hall (Scrawl and Angel of Saigon) and Erica Nockalls (The Wonderstuff and Erica Nockalls Band) The demon puppets are being designed by students at Wimbledon College of Art and the movie puppet coordinator will be Andrew James Spooner (Henson’s The Furchester Hotel, Muppets Most Wanted).

Geoff is no mean talent himself take a look at his short Selfie which also features Monster Kitten’s drummer Stacy Hart

Filming, should the funding be successful, will take place in a real Boeing 737 albeit one firmly rooted to the ground at Black Hangar Studios in Hampshire.

If you have a few quid, dollars or Euros knocking about and fancy a punt on a Snakes on a Plane, Gremlins, Josie and the Pussycats mash-up there are some great perks to be had at the Dead Air‘s Kickstarter page



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