Alien Species AKA Alien Terminator (1995) Friday Morning Creature Feature from the Bargain Basement of Terror

There is some confusion over the title of this movie, the box says Alien Species while it is listed on IMDB as Alien Terminator, just to confuse things further there is another Alien Species (1996) movie listed on IMDB which uses the same DVD box artwork, but is clearly not the same film as it has a different cast and plot.

The questionable artwork in question

Box artwork aside what we have here is essentially an Alien (1979) knock-off from the Troma studio. Six scientists have been stationed in a sealed Biotech research unit five miles below the Earth’s surface for two years. Unknown to the others Newton (Kevin Alba) has been working on mutating a virus to create a super soldier , which once injected into a rat goes wild.

Kevin Alba is Newton

So of course the rat gets loose infects the cat who infects one of the crew who has an explody larval burst out of him at the mission end dinner, then people run around corridors a lot being chased by a guy in a silicone rubber suit. Being a Troma movie it’s not the only silicone item that gets screen time. Oh and one of the cast does his best to be as much like Kurt Russell in John Carpenters’s The Thing, (1982) as he possibly can be and extra nudity of Lisa Boyle was edited in from one of her previous films, Midnight Tease  .

So is it any good? Well the acting is adequate, special effects are dodgy and you don’t get to see much of the man in the rubber suit which is probably just as well and there is a bit of blood and gory gunge. A lot of ideas and imagery are lifted from Alien, even if the cat does buy the farm within the first half hour and I guess having the whole story set in an underground bunker instead of a space ship saves on the SFX budget .

Not a complete clunker I give Alien Species a 333/666, but it’s definitely going back to the charity shop.

My copy of Alien Species was a quid in our local Scope shop.


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