Xmoor (2014) – Friday Morning creature feature from the Bargain Basement of Terror

I had high hopes of Exmoor, I expected cryptozoologists hunting down the legendary Exmoor panther (otherwise known as an extreme close up of some farmer’s cat) and it was made in Northern Ireland, where some pretty creative and exciting filmmaking is going on.

They won’t like what happens next

What I got for my quid it turned out to be a story about Georgia (Melia Kreiling)  an American cryptozoologist (check), her cameraman boyfriend Matt (Nick Blood)  meeting up with big cat hunter Fox (Mark Bonnar) and heading out on the moor to look for said big cat only Fox has other ideas. No he’s not the rapist loony serial killer, but he knows where the guy dumps the bodies of his victims and wants Georgia and Matt to document  him taking the killer down.

They are less than enthusiastic and this is where I really lost interest too because there are more than enough films about rapist loony serial killers out in the wilds that end with an entirely predictable twist and bunging in a couple of feral hoodie wearing kids (because all Brit country horror movies now have to have them)  added nothing to it.

A lost opportunity to do something original rather than churning out a tired serial killer in the wilderness potboiler 333/666


My copy was a quid in the Sue Ryder Shop




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