Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (2014) AKA The Japanese Evil Dead

Remember those glorious grainy Japanese VHS nasties from the 1980s, well Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell is a long-lost ‘forgotten video nasty’ originally filmed between 1995 and 2009.

Shinichi Fukazawa

Shinji (director and writer Shinichi Fukazawa) is a body building fan who has inherited an old haunted house, which conceals his father’s deadly secret crime. This is dead handy for Shinji’s ex Mika, (Asaka Nosaka) who is a journalist working on a haunted house feature. So Shinji invites Mika and her medium pal (Masaaka Kai) along to the house for a bit of a poke around. Naturally it gets a bit out of hand whan the medium becomes possessed and attacks Shinji and Mika. A psychic message from Shinji’s dead dad tells him the only way to combat the possessed psychic is to cut him into pieces, but he’s a tenacious bugger and comes back in various bloody body part combos, until his decapitated head puts the bite on Mika and turns her demoniac too.

When mediums go bad

As if that isn’t bad enough the decomposing body belonging to the spirit that haunts the house joins in the fun leaving Shinji with quite a job on his hand to survive the gory slapstick battle that ensues.

Otherwise known as the Japanese Evil Dead Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell is 65 minutes of hilariously gruesome blood spattered slapstick with claymation bodyparts and plenty of sticky goo we give it a 666/666.

Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell is out now in the UK on DVD and limited edition VHS from Terrorcotta

Artwork by our pal Graham Humphreys

In Japanese with English subtitles

DVD Special Features:

  • From Sketch to Scary: ‘Groovy’ Artwork by Graham Humphreys
  • Original Japanese Trailers
  • Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery
  • Dismemberment of a Scene
    • Clip 1: Losing Your Head
    • Clip 2: Hands Off My Skeleton
  • Asian horror movies out now from Terror Cotta



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