The Black Gloves – Kickstarter

The Owlman is back! Yes the star of Lawrie Brewster and Sara Daly’s Lord of Tears is not only coming back to haunt the silver screen, but he’s going back in time to scare the blue lights out of the 1940s, but in glorious Film Noir monochrome of course. Now the folks at Hex Media have all the film in the can but need your help to make all the post-production movie magic to happen and have started a Kickstarter campaign to ensure that it does.

POSTER by Graham Humphreys
Very nice poster by the talented Mr Graham Humphries
Lawrie told us that ‘The Black Gloves is a stylish 1940’s set Film Noir that combines spine-tingling horror with intense psychological dread, a supernatural tale where one man must battle against a terrifying stalker as ancient as time itself.’
Lawrie & Sarah
Director and writer of The Black Gloves, The Unkindness of Ravens and Lord of Tears
Sounds just like our kind of film, writer Sarah Daly told us what it was al about: ‘Dr. Finn Galloway (Jamie Scott-Gordon) is a psychologist obsessed with the mysterious death of his young patient, and her belief in a strange and terrifying entity… the Owlman. Since her death, Finn has devoted his life to discovering the true nature of her delusion. He finds that she is not the only one to have complained of being stalked by such as figure.
Macarena Gomez_Jamie Scott Gordon_Alexandra Nicole Hulme.jpg
Macarena Gomez, Jaimie Scott-Gordon and Alexandra Nicole Vince
Others too have described this terrifying long-limbed creature with its great black eyes , but all who spoke of the monster are now dead or disappeared. All but one. Finn learns of a once-famous ballerina who now lives in crippling fear of the same disturbing figure… the so-called Owlman.
Valasco is a ringer for a grown up Wednesday Adams
In the desolate Baldurrock Estate, a former orphanage in the bleak Scottish Highlands, he finds the ballerina (Alexandra Nicole Hume) hidden away under the watchful eye of her sinister guardian, Lorena Velasco (Macarena Gomez). Finn begins to unravel the truth of the Owlman conspiracy, and soon finds himself entangled in a murky web of dangerous secrets and dark desires. To survive, he must battle a force of unimaginable evil – a nightmare foe like no other’
Jamie Scott Gordon_Alexandra Nicole Hulme

This is the third collaboration between Brewster and Daly after the acclaimed Lord of Tears  (2012) and The Unkindness of Ravens (2016) and their third film to feature the very talented Jaimie Scott-Gordon. Spanish horror darling Macarena Gomez is best known for her role as the sea priestess in Stuart Gordon’s cult favourite Dagon, and her powerhouse performance in the recent Musarañas (Shrew’s Nest). The film also stars Alexandra Nicole Hulme (Lord of Tears, Girls) and Hothouse pal Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed’

Lawrie continued: ‘ The Black Gloves pays homage to classic chillers such as Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940) and Jack Clayton’s The Innocents (1961). We adore classic chillers like these along with Cat People (1942) and Secret Beyond the Door (1947) and wanted to create something in the spirit of these films, not a film that would simply emulate or pay homage to classic cinema, but our own original addition that could sit alongside these others. We were very conscious of never veering into pastiche. In terms of the look of the film, Cat People was a particular inspiration with its bold shadows and graphic lines. We wanted to capture that classic Film Noir look but with a Gothic twist. We also knew that we wanted to shoot the film in black and white, but were a little nervous at the prospect of alienating the audience. However, there seems to have been somewhat of a resurgence in black and white genre films of late, with gems such as The Eyes Of My

Mother (2016) A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014) and A Field In England (2013)
opting for monochrome, so this really gave us confidence to be bold and go with our gut on stripping out the colour’

‘As before We’ve used our own money along with some help from our friends at Dark Dunes Productions to fund the shooting phase of our film. But now, to finish the post-production of our film, we need your help.

We care passionately about creating fresh, exciting, and, above all else, original horror films, but because of this, we struggle to get mainstream funding. The only way that these unusual, risky films will get made, and get out there, is with the support of fans of the genre. So, we hope you’ll come on this crazy, exciting journey with us, and show the world that there is a hunger out there for original, edgy content!

The Black Gloves is already in the home stretch. Once we meet our fundraising target, we will get straight to work completing the final draft – there is absolutely no chance that the film won’t get finished (barring perhaps a global apocalypse type scenario!). We’ve put a year of our lives into it already and we’ll be doing whatever it takes to get it done as soon as possible, and looking as great as it possibly can!

In return for your support, we’ll work hard to produce rewards that you’ll be proud to own, and films that you’ll love to watch. Rest assured, every penny we get we’ll match with our own blood, sweat and tears as we work to make The Black Gloves the best film it can possibly be.’

So if you have a few pounds, dollars or Euro to spare donate here.






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