Fractal Vision Web Anthology Cowdfunding Now

Duplicate 5
Niki Hunter in DupliKate

We like punk can do film making so naturally the concept of Fractal Vision was right up our street. It’s a new anthology horror series that brings together a diverse group of filmmakers, including Matthew T. Price, writer/director of Other Halves, Nicki Hunter, Carson Nicely (Conan), Miranda Parham (We Need to Talk) and many more. Inspired by everything from The Twilight Zone via 80s slashers to more modern shows like our own Black Mirror.  Best of all for those of us with short attention spans it does it the weird, the fantastical, and the horrifying, all in just five minutes or under per episode.

So far there are two episodes streaming on You Tube to check out and I think they are both pretty good gear.

Duplicate 2
What you see might not be what you get in DupliKate

DupliKate stats Nicky Hunter as the woman who’s found the perfect home; now all she has to do is eliminate the woman who lives there.

I like the John Carpenter style score this one has not to mention the neat little final twist.

Is it curtains for the Final Girl?

A Final Girl’s Best Friend also has a neat little twist and is shorter and dare I say sweeter clocking in at under two minutes .

Now the Fractal Vision team has shot several episodes, but their ultimate goal is to film 24 in total. To do this, they’re crowdfunding a portion of their budget through Hatchfund. Perks for backers include unrated versions of the episodes, with more gore, nudity, and naughty language than YouTube allows. Other perks include signed DVDs, set visits, and participation in the casting and production of the series.

Check out their pitch video:

 So if you have a few pounds, dollars or euro knocking about and want to support this indie horror webseries, visit their Hatchfund page. You can learn more on their website,, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (@FractalVisionTV), and Instagram (@FractalVisionT




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