Ghost Shark (2013) Friday Morning Creature Feature from the Bargain Basement of Terror


After Shark Exorcist and Raiders of the Lost Shark I didn’t have high expectations of Ghost Shark, which may have tempered ny feelings towards it as I didn’t think it was that bad really. Mind you the two afore-mentioned films really did create a new yardstick for bad.

ghost shark

Essentially the plot involves a great white that gets shot and has hot sauce (can sharks taste hot sauce?) and a hand grenade (what kind of fisherman, even in the gun loony USA is armed with a grenade?) popped in his gob who goes off to die in a magic cave that brings things back from the afterlife. Pretty soon sharky is back manifesting anywhere there is water, so folks aren’t safe in the pool, in the bath or even on the khazi and the only thing that stands in his way is a bunch of pesky kids, (including the archetypal fat lad, person of colour who is also a smoker and bitchy girl, body count fans) and the old drunk who lives in the lighthouse. Throw in an 18th century curse and the town mayor and sheriff who want to keep the ghost shark out of the news and you get the general idea.

It’s a competently enough acted film that does not take itself too seriously, which is probably as well given the bonkers plot and despite or maybe because of the bargain bucket SFX it does have its laugh out load moments. The pool party and the bikini car wash are a real hoot and you will cheer as a group of threatening feral kids by a fire hydrant get munched.


Daft brainless fun we give Ghost Shark a 444/666

I bought my Ghost Shark DVD for £1 at the Cancer Research Shop.



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