Reyes – Dark Ritual and Human Sacrifice Writer/Director Patrick Templin tells us all about it

We do like a bit of Euro Horror at the Hothouse and the trailer for occult thriller Reyes, which is presently in production in Germany, looks just like our own cup of Hemlock. So naturally we dragged director Patrick Templin out of his lair to find just what the film is about.

Reyes poster.jpg

‘I am a character driven writer, I like to tell and build my stories out of my characters. Reyes is about Mick, a down at heel author who gets pulled into the vortex of a big secret underground organization. He meets Leya, his old big love, who is a part of the trouble there and he wants to save her. Step by step Mick realizes that he has to get over his personal issues to gain enough power to handle the dark forces which are ruling his hometown. Mick is played by Kim Sønderholm, a very talented Swedish actor who has worked in about 120 movies. We also have Aileen Dankyi-Sampong on board, she is playing the role of Leya and actors from other countries who have cameos, such as Antonio Monroi (Apokalypto), Shawn C. Phillips (Grave Encounters) and Bill Hutchens who was in part two and three of  The Human Centipede.’


So what made Patrick want to make a film that involved black magic rituals?

‘I think black magic is not the right description for it, because when, Mick finds out, that Leya is connected to a dark secret society, he doesn’t really know what their work is about. But let’s sum it up like this: I like movies who clarify mysteries. I like it very much, when the story is told and more and more secrets get cleared up. So I decided to take this as an inspiration for the story of Reyes.’


Reyes has a very distinctive look so we wanted to know which filmmakers had influenced Patrick’s vision.

‘We tried our best to produce a unique and outstanding look for our movie. I think there are so many influences and impressions that led us to imagine the special kind of picture that we created. So often it’s difficult to name movies which are going in the same direction. When we come closer to details of colors, lightning and set design, there some example that inspired me in this movie. There is Polanski’s The Ninth Gate (1999) for example. I like the mood and the way that Polanski interprets feelings in this movie. And also Eyes Wide Shut by Kubrick. I think those two films had the most influence on creating our Reyes-look.’


So what was it that got Patrick Templin interested in making films?

‘That’s always a difficult question. I always loved watching movies and when I was young, there where so many movies in Germany which were banned here because of the German Film Control Association. I first started filming stuff, while I worked together with a friend on rap music videos and after that I was grabbed by the medium. I started making short films without a budget, did everything myself, I taught myself how to use a camera and got more and more experienced. I cut my own video stuff and worked with youtube partner networks which helped me a lot in learning about marketing, cutting videos and so on. After my first real “film project”, I realized that I wanted to get into the film business. So many years and lots of projects later here I am now. I started my own company together with my friend René Wiesner and I am working on a lot of new projects over the next few years!’

Of course the big question is when do we get to see Reyes and what can we expect next from Patrick Templin filmmaker?

‘We’re planing to release the movie in the first quarter of 2018. But as you know, making independent films is always living on the limit, but we hope we can adhere to our own deadlines.

There so many things going on right now, including some I even can’t talk about. But I can tell you some things which are in progress. Like the new movie from the director of ABCs of Superheroes which is named Violent Starr. You will see Bianca Bradey together with Michael Berryman in a freaking awesome space universe. So that’s crazy, isn’t it?
I am also working on some other projects like Skatecop – Vengeance on Wheels which is directed by my friend Peter Ahlers and which will be released this summer. And there will be so many more. But for the moment that’s all I can tell you.’

Well that’s plenty enough for one filmmaker, Patrick Templin thank you very much for talking to the Horror Hothouse, we can’t wait to see Reyes.



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