Extinction Jurassic Predators (2014) Friday Morning Creature Feature from the Bargain Basement of Terror

Jurassic World and Extinction make it the year of the Dinosaur Movie’ says the quote on the box, yeah right. Extinction Jurassic Predators kicks off at a front door somewhere in England as cameraman James (Daniel Caren) collects presenter Michelle (Sarah Mac) to take her to the airport. Yes its a found footage movie and James is filming everything on their way to the jungles of darkest Peru presumably to pad out the movies running time of one hour and forty minutes.


Arriving in Peru James and Michelle meet up with Professor John Howson (Ben Loyd Holmes) and his expedition and head off to search for new species in what looks suspiciously like British woodland intercut with South American library footage. Do they find any new species like dinosaurs? Yes of course they do and yes most of the expedition do get eaten by them, but the dino carnage a long time coming so in the meantime Extinction Jurassic Predators is padded out with typical found footage filler of people doing mundane boring stuff before some animals from the local reptile and insect centre are trotted out for a close up. There are also plenty of leering shots down Sarah Mac’s vest before we get anywhere near what we all paid to see. Credit to the SFX team for going with models and puppetry instead of CGI, but sadly the dinosaurs are just not that convincing.


While the acting was adequate the action in Extinction Jurassic Predators just does not justify the running time and I often found my attention wandering. Added to that I am really bored with the found footage format. Having said that a better found footage Brit dino flick is The Dinosaur Project (2012)

Blair Witch with puppet dinosaurs I give Extinction Jurassic Predators a 333/666

Pay no more than 1p plus postage on Amazon for this film


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