Monsterwolf (2010) Friday Morning Creature Feature from the Bargain Basement of Terror

They never learn do they? Horton Oil unearth a Native American artefact when prospecting in the Louisiana swamps. Do they report it? No of course they don’t, they try to blow up the portal to the spirit world and end up on the menu for a fuck off big monster spirit wolf.


Meanwhile Horton CEO Stark (Robert Picardo topping up his Star Trek Voyager pension) hires hotshot New York lawyer and former local girl Maria Bennett (Leonar Varela) to take on Chief Turner (Steve Reevis) who is determined to stop the drilling on Choctow land. Maria plays along with Stark as the killings continue until confronted with the wolf herself when she acknowledges her own Native American heritage. Then Stark goes and complicates things by hiring professional hitman Coughlin (Jon Eyez) and his gang of mercs to take out Chief Turner, the wolf and anyone else who stands in his way.

Monsterwolf gets the business end of Yale (Jason London) as Maria (Leonar Varela)  goes all girlie

As a made for TV movie Monsterwolf isn’t that bad, the acting is OK, the SFX are not brilliant but they do and despite the story being fairly predictable it does maintain a sense of suspense and tension with a couple of decently managed scares.

A daft and predictable diversion I give Monsterwolf a 444/666

I got my Monsterwolf for £1.99 as part of a creature feature triple pack along with Snow Beast and Swamp Shark from my local British Heart Foundation shop


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