The Chimera Brigade

Just as Wonder Woman rewrites World War One, The Chimera Brigade (from our friends at Titan Comics) rises from the ashes of the great conflict.


On the French front lines Marie Curie studied and treated the mutated victims of the ‘unpeakable’ weapons deployed during the Great War. These individuals became known as the Superhumans, because of their strange abilities and powers.


Writers Serge Lehman and Fabrice Colin take us to an alternative 1938 Paris where Irene Curie is continuing her mother’s work at the Radium Institute and the Committee for Information and Defence try to keep a lid both on domestic mutants and those spying for Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Meanwhile in Nazi Germany Dr Missbrauch believes the Superhumans are the Master Race, I think we know where this is heading.


The Chimera Brigade has everything you could want from an alternative 1938 from the weird science of gigantic airships and mechanised body armour to mutated evil Nazis and a clean cut all American hero, and that’s before we get anywhere near the Surrealist Cafe Society of Andre Breton and Racine Alfonzo.


The Chimera Brigade is beautifully illustrated by Gess with colours by Celine Bessonneau. We liked it’s breadth of imagination and it even got in a Salvador Dali gag so its getting a 666/666.

The Chimera Brigade is available now from Titan Comics


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