Jurassic Hunters (2015) Friday Morning Creature Feature from the Bargain Basement of Terror

What is it about Vernon Wells and the Jurassic, he just can’t keep away from those ferocious critters from that pesky period. Hot on the heels of the ludicrous Jurassic City, Wells is mining executive  Marcus who authorises the use of explosives to get to a mother lode of iridium in Montana.

He’s behind me isn’t he?

Well would you believe it, the blast opens up a deep chamber from within the Earth and liberates a whole horde of badly CGIed dinosaurs who head downtown and star to eat everybody. Fortunately rodeo star Val Walker (Rib Hills) is back in town and he’s dead handy with a gun and a lasso. What’s more geologist Dr Sinclair (Sara Malukul Lane) just happens to know (I have no idea how) that these dinosaurs have evolved underground to breathe methane instead of oxygen and this makes them explode when they come into contact with a flaming arrow or a tracer round.  Luckily the local sheriff  just happens to have loads of boxes of tracer shells down at the jailhouse, well it is America after all. Whats more they really like propane cylinders.

jurassic hunters
Rodeo star Val Walker’s horse just can’t watch the carnage

So Walker and his gang decide to lure the critters back to the mine with a few casks of propane, what could possibly go wrong?.

Jurassic Hunters is also known as Cowboys V Dinosaurs, presumably to cash in on the spectacularly silly Cowboys V Aliens (2011). The film is pretty much what you’s expect people run around being chased by velociraptors and a T.Rex, shoot multiple rounds from machine guns and get eaten a lot. The science is just nuts and the horses are clearly not bothered by whacking great lizards with mouthfuls of sharp teeth (One of them is clearly enjoying a great big mouthful of grass while tethered outside a building besieged by raptors) . As to the cast, well you could build shelves out of most of them. Best moment is when Walker leaps aboard a rampaging triceratops and rides him like a bucking bronco.

Run of the mill dino flick with some of the craziest science ever and Eric Roberts as Walker’s dad I give Jurassic Hunters a 333/666

I got my copy of Jurassic Hunters for 32p plus postage at Amazon




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