Echoes of the Passed Trailer

We are really looking forward to seeing haunted house shocker Echoes of the Passed from our good friends at Crossroad Pictures.


Back in July last year director Scott Lyus told us that ‘Echoes of the Passed is the story of four individuals preparing to investigate a famous haunted house. While most horror films would tell their story during the investigation, our story is told before as we explore their motivations for being there and dig into their history, as well as the dark history that surrounds the house.’

EOTP - Frank(1)
Tony Sands is Frank

It sounds intriguing. Echoes of the Passed was written by Tony Sands who also plays the part of Frank in the film alongside Sophie Tergeist as Liz,

EOTP - Liz(1)

Paul Dewdney as Professor Ian Naughton

EOTP - The Professor(1)

and Mac McFadden as Fred.

EOTP - Fred
Enter a caption

The release date for Echoes of the Passed has yet to be finalised, but here’s a wee taste of the shivers to come.

Eagle eyed readers will recognise Sophie Tergeist as Lucette Hugo’s operator from from Scott’s malevolent ventriloquist dummy chiller Silently Within Your Shadow, which is now available to stream from Amazon Prime.



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