Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter Comic

We are big Hammer Horror fans at the Hothouse and have been loving the recent Hammer Mummy comics from our good friends at Titan Comics. Well now there’s even more to get excited about with the revival of Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter coming to your nearest comic book seller in September.

Mike Perkins cover

The new comic is based upon Hammer’s last gasp attempt to start a new horror franchise back in 1974, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter. Written and directed by cult TV veteran Brian Clemens, the film featured Horst Janson as the soldier turned vampire hunter, alongside John Cater as his sidekick the hunchbacked Professor Grost, Caroline Munro as love interest Carla and Benedict Cumberbatch’s mum, Wanda Ventham as a youth sapping vampire. Yes it was a bit like a middle European 18th century Buffy with tight pants and added heaving bosoms (well I guess at least the time and place were different!).

Hammer Glamour cover featuring Caroline Munro, although I do believe this is a publicity shot for Dracula AD72

The new comic, which is written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Tom Mandrake will pitch Kronos, Grost and Carla against a new host of fiendish supernatural creatures. There are also two collectable cover variants featuring artwork by Tom Mandrake and Mike Perkins and a further Hammer Glamour cover featuring the divine Ms Munro.

Tom Mandrake cover

The first issue of Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter from Titan Comics is out 21 September.



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