Mutant (1984) – A Belated Friday Morning Creature Feature

OK bite me again, harder if you like but we have been busy on some pre-production movie stuff. So last week I dug this little gem out of the DVD locker.

I think Holly’s 1980s puff sleeved blouse is more scary than what’s outside the car

Mutant (1984) opens with Josh (Wings (Wings? honestly?) Hauser and his even thicker brother Mike (Lee Montgomerie) out on a road trip in their muscle car in the deep south. Yes I don’t like them already and that’s even before they run into a bunch of rednecks in a pick up who run them off the road. Fortunately the rednecks don’t hang around for the customary bum sex (that’s a relief) so Josh and Mike hitch into the nearest town where they run into that same bunch of rednecks in a bar, Fortunately the local alcoholic sheriff (Bo Hopkins) rescues them and takes them along to Mrs Mapes (Mary Nell Santacroche) boarding house.

Well so far not too bad, however industrial pollution is causing the town folk to mutate into humanoid leach creatures with a sucking mouth in each palm and that night they get Mike. So Josh goes looking for his brother, but has to win around the boozy sheriff and avoid redneck Albert (Marc Clement) so it’s just as well Daisy Duke lookalike (OK she’s wearing cut off denims when we first see her) teacher Holly (Jody Medford) falls for him.

The doctor will see you now yeah right

With the leech virus passing from one victim to another to all intents and purposes Mutant is a zombie movie and the leech people’s make-up is pretty standard zombie face paint and rags. the story is a pretty predictable mash-up of southern fried loonie and zombie movies and it’s not badly acted. It’s not overly gruesome and is often very funny (the scene in the school toilet is a hoot). Whatever the production scrimped on budget must have gone to pay for the exceptionally effective music score by Richard Band and orchestrated by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, I kid you not!

It’s not brilliant but it’s not bad 444/666

I got my copy of Mutant as one side of a double-sided DVD package Mutant/The Grim Reaper for 99p in the local Sue Rider Shop


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