Big Bad Wolf (2006) Friday Morning Creature Feature

OK here’s my theory about teen monster movies. They are written and directed by the sort of people who were rejected and had the piss taken out of them by the so-called ‘cool kids’ at high school and college. Which is why the arseholes always die first in films like Big Bad Wolf.

There’s always a chance meeting the inlaws won’t go to plan

Derick (Trevor Duke) is so keen to get into one of those Frat societies at his college that he nicks the keys to his step-dad’s ‘cabin in the woods’ so that arsehole frat boys Alex and Jason can have a dirty weekend away with their airhead girlfriends Cassie and Melissa. Not to be left out Derick invites his girlfriend Sam (Kimberly J Brown) along. I like Sam she’s a mechanic, has tats, piercings and wild hair, and rides a Duccatti. She can also verbally trash Cassie and Melissa.

Now what Derick doesn’t realise is that Mitch (Richard Tyson) his abusive step-dad, is also a werewolf (don’t you just hate it when that happens?) and what he uses the cabin for is to shut himself away at the full moon and guess what time of the month it is Flowers?. Oh dear better not indulge in any sex kids, whoops too late for Alex, Jason, Cassie and Melissa, but then we didn’t like them anyway.

I think we know who the final girl is going to be

Back in LA do you think Mitch can let Derick and Sam discover his secret? When Derick’s uncle Scott (Andrew Bowen) reveals that he believes werewolf Mitch killed Derick’s dad to marry his mum they decide to get a DNA sample as evidence to support taking Mitch out. Needless to say Sam’s mean of obtaining the DNA would have led to contamination of the sample in real life and does cause a rift between the pair, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, and the results come back positive for dog DNA. When Mitch discovers that his secret is out everything is set for a showdown back at the cabin.

I liked Big Bad Wolf, but then I’m a grown up geek and enjoy seeing the sort of people who made my school days so deeply unpleasant get completely twatted is always going to be a pleasure. Sure the plot is formula and the werewolf outfit looks like it comes from Allied Carpets, but the acting is OK, the young leads are likable (well OK I liked Sam, Derick was OK, but I did really like Sam) it also contains a few decent scares, a bit of comedy messy grue, some bare boobs and of course most of the people who get eaten thoroughly deserve to be part of Mitch’s menu.   Did I mention that the werewolf talks, didn’t think I did, well put it this way he’s no James Bond

Amusing undemanding fun I give Big Bad Wolf a 444/666

My copy of Big Bad Wolf was £1 in Poundland.





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