The Spawn of Lilith by Dana Fredsti

Blimey these paranormal investigator books are arriving thick and fast. Having just finished the very excellent Corpselight by Angela Slatter next in the Hothouse to read pile was The Spawn of Lilith by Dana Fredsti courtesy of those nice people at Titan Books.

Cover design by Julia Lloyd

Lee Striga is the sole human member of the legendary Katz Stunt Crew out in Hollywood. when Lee gets the gig of stunt double to diva actress Portia Lambert on low-budget Sci-fi potboiler Pale Dreamer she discovers that not only is Portia a grade A pain in the arse, but that there is also something very weird killing off members of the cast and crew.

As in Corpselight the story is populated by a supporting cast of demons, trolls, vampires, fallen angels and other supernatural beings, but I felt that whereas in Slatter’s book there was a really nice balance between the world of normal human beings and paranormals Fredski rather overdoes the supernaturals. There are just too many of them, it’s as if she has an encyclopedia of supernatural beings and she is determined to squeeze them all in. That isn’t to say that it isn’t a fun read, it is certainly well written enough to keep you turning the pages, but it does lack the depth of characterisation, humour and warmth of Corpselight.

Fredsti also has a habit of dropping certain brand names into the narrative, which is fine for a sex and shopping novel, but maybe a bit out-of-place in a genre piece, however if she doesn’t get a free Nespresso machine out of this book there is no justice in this world!

Fun but flawed I give The Spawn of Lilith a 555/666.

The Spawn of Lilith is out now from Titan Books £7.99 (UK), $14.95 (US), $19.95 (Canada)




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