New Indie Film Label ‘Short Subjects’ Announces First Releases

Filmmaker Chris Collier’s new label Short Subjects aims to champion short films, giving them the recognition they deserve on platforms such as Amazon Prime. The label has a number of critically acclaimed shorts scheduled for release over the next few months.


The first Short Subjects release went live on Friday 6 October with Damon Rickard’s gripping thriller The Package and will be followed on 20 October by the same director’s psychological horror Dissociative. Both films will be available to stream and download via Amazon Video, and Amazon Prime members get to watch the films absolutely free!

Chris had this to say about his new label: ‘At the moment there are many great short films out there spread so widely. The aim of the label is to help bring all these films together in one easy to find place.
We also want to make it easier for filmmakers to get their work seen by a wider audience. At the moment there’s a certain amount of hoop jumping you’d need to do as a filmmaker to self release to prestige platforms like Amazon. It made sense to create SHORT SUBJECTS to help bring all of these elements together.’

The Package


Starring Tom Gordon (The Tour) and Dan Palmer (Stalled, Evil Aliens) The Package premiered at London’s FrightFest Halloween Event 2015, and later went on to pick up the Best Short Film Award at Germany’s Weekend of Horrors as part of its worldwide festival run.

Synopsis: A missing package becomes the subject of increasingly violent tensions between two mysterious colleagues. With their lives on the line, how far are they prepared to go to find it… or keep it hidden?

Having seen The Package I can tell you it’s squirm in your seat good.




Starring Tom Gordon and Amanda Hunt, Dissociative premiered at FrightFest in 2016 before commencing its festival run.

Synopsis: Frank needs to know who killed his wife but an unseen hand might be guiding his dark fate.


SHORT SUBJECTS are always looking for new exciting content, films can be submitted at:

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