Idle Hands by Tom Fletcher

Idle Hands is the second book in Tom Fletcher’s The Factory Trilogy, that began with Gleam back in 2014.

Cover designed and illustrated by Rory Kee

Starting not long after the events related in Gleam we find Wild Alan alone in the Discard, the area outside the repressive closed environment of the Pyramid, searching for the fungi that will cure his son’s illness. Yes young Billy has been infected with Idle Hands a disease leading to disfigurement and eventual violent insanity. As if that isn’t enough to worry about Alan will then have to break back into the Pyramid to administer the cure, which given Alan’s previous history with the Pyramid’s Grand Architect won’t end well if he gets caught by the Pyramid’s enforcers known as the Arbitrators.

Captured by the Goatherd’s, a feared Discard motorcycle gang, Alan has to reforge an old alliance with the dangerous ‘Bloody’ Nora of the Mapmakers, before he can infiltrate the Pyramid to save Billy, however Nora has her own deadly reasons for wanting to get inside. To further  complicate matters, Skeffington Lutwidge the biker’s headman has assigned the curious Byron to ‘mind’ Alan, but Byron has his own agenda to follow once the trio get to their destination.

Idle Hands keeps up the momentum built up in Gleam and goes on to deliver an exciting second instalment of Fletcher’s dystopian vision. Along the way we are reunited with old friends, make some new ones and finally get some kind of idea about what all the mindless labour and blood harvesting in the Pyramid is leading up to. There’s  subterfuge, violent action and personal tragedy, along with the mutated monsters, strange landscapes grotesque characters and twisted societies that populate Fletcher’s bizarre world.

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An imaginative and exciting sequel to Gleam I give Idle Hands a 555/666.

Idle Hands is published by our good friends at Jo Fletcher Books hardback £19.99/paperback £8.99.

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