Out of the Shadows (2018)

Out on a call Aussie cop Eric (Blake Northfield)  finds the dream home he has been searching for. Just the pace for his pregnant wife Kat (Kendal Rae) to relax in in the few weeks she has left before giving birth. It’s an abandoned Midwifery centre miles from anywhere in the outback and oh yeah he’s investigating a spate of murders of pregnant women and their families, what could possibly go wrong?.

Kendal Rae as Kat

Soon Kat is hearing voices that threaten her baby, doors and windows start banging open and shut and a teddy has his dear little head ripped off. Fortunately a visit to the local church puts her in touch with the local vicar’s niece Linda (Lisa Chappell) a freelance ex-con biker exorcist. Getting together with Eric and Kat, the three of them expose the murky past of the old Midwifery and the spirits that haunt it. Will they be able to save Kat’s unborn child from a terrible fate?


OK there really isn’t anything startlingly original going on in Out of the Shadows, but as demonic possession films go Dee McLachlan’s movie is competently enough made and does deliver the necessary jump scares thanks to some very effective sound design working in conjunction with Christopher Gordon’s creepily effective musical score and some nicely understated SFX. The cast are all very engaging and you do find yourself actually caring about what happens to them, which is something I often find lacking from other films of this nature. The novelty of the Australian setting is quite refreshing after so many US takes on the theme too.

An effectively chilling Aussie shocker we give Out of the Shadows a 555/666

shadows 3

Out of the Shadows was released in the UK on all major digital platforms by Evolutionary Films on Monday, 20 August.



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