Molly (2018)

In a post apocalyptic world where bullets have replaced currency, a lone woman walks Holland’s coastal dunes scavenging canned food. However Molly (Julia Batelaan) has backstory,  a mysterious scar on her head denotes some kind of surgical intervention maybe some brain tampering, what can it be? (I ain’t about to spoil it for you) Whatever it is it’s something Deacon (Joost Bolt) the ring master of a North Sea Fort wants to add to his cage fighting shows so he sends his underlings out to catch her.


Wounded in a scrap with one of the deranged inhabitants of the dunes Molly takes refuge with orphaned child Bailey (Emma De Paauw), but the peace is soon shattered when Deacon’s gang arrives and Molly loses Bailey in the ongoing battle. To get her friend back Molly has to take the fight back to Deacon’s marine fortress, but the numbers are against her.


Essentially Molly is Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome  (1985) reimagined for Northern Europe with added superpowers. We have the usual scavenging survivors, the villain’s cool fortress, lots of fighting with blades, bows and anything else that comes to hand , a cute kid in a dinosaur onesie and a woman with a robot arm. Molly herself is pretty cool, she looks nothing like a superhero, just an ordinary kid, but she kicks some serious arse and not just with her secret power which fortunately does not get overused when there are handy things like a selection of oversized blades and a bear trap in her rucksack. She is also a dab hand at DIY surgery and is lost without her specs. so just as well that she keeps them on an elastic cord.


I did find it a bit distracting that the dialogue was in English when all the cast are Dutch, it would probably have flowed better had they used their native tongue, however Molly is a great action pick with well choreographed action sequences, imaginative set and costume design and an opening for an even more intriguing sequel.

Mad Max minus the petrol fumes, or Tank Girl done right almost, we give Molly a 555/666

The Blu-ray (SRP $19.99) and DVD (SRP $14.99) releases of Molly exclusively include a feature length commentary with co-directors Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese as well as a 30-minute making of featurette.


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