Serial Killer Cabaret – London Horror Festival Advance Warning

Carrying on with our probe into the depraved minds of the 2019 London Horror Festival show runners we got to chat with Mae Hearons of Nevermore Theatre who will be bringing Serial Killer Cabaret  to the Pleasance Stage Space at 9:45pm on Tuesday 15 October.

SKC Foyer Screen Poster

‘Nevermore Theatre are an all-female theatre company based in Scotland’ Mae told us, ‘Who specialise in putting horror on stage, always with that all so terrifying feminist edge. Established in 2017 during our final year at University we have produced three shows and performed at Edinburgh Horror Festival 2017 and 2018 (both sell out runs), Edinburgh Horror Con 2018 and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

This will be our first time performing in London and we are excited to showcase our work outside of Edinburgh. The ensemble consists of Mae Hearons, Gillian Bain, Megan Travers, Miriam Larrainzar and Billie Willett.

Our previous productions include; EH16:PYRE and Suppose There Was An Accident?  PYRE was our very first show which we developed for over a year. It was an exploration of the persecution of women throughout Edinburgh’s history from the witch trials of the 1600’s to the introduction of the rape clause. Suppose There Was An Accident? is a tribute to the writing of Shirley Jackson and takes inspiration from her many collections of short stories.

We’re also working on developing a Christmas show featuring the German anti-Santa Krampus (it’s also gonna be a musical!)’

Nevermore Theatre logo

We can’t wait to see that but what should horror fans expect from Serial Killer Cabaret?

Serial Killer Cabaret is exactly that, it’s a Death Row talent show that features the most infamous Serial Killers throughout history such as Charles Manson, Ed Gein and Jack the Ripper as you have never seen them before.  The show is what we imagine a talent show in Hell would be like – The audience can expect singing, dancing, glitter and some good belly laughs! If you’re a fan of true crime then this is the show for you!’

Sounds fabulous to us, see here for tickets and details.

The Pleasance is at Carpenters Mews, North Road, London N7 9EF. Nearest tube is Caledonian Road on the Piccadilly Line.


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