Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers (1992, USA)

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Hot on the heels of Eureka Classics 976 – Evil reissue is Stephen King’s Sleepwalker’s, which is out on UK Blu-ray 26 October.

Opening up in the California resort town of Bodega Bay we find two cops investigating a house where a domestic cat massacre has taken place (that probably accounts for Bodega Bay’s problem with birds then!). Inside the house they find the dried husk of a child, but no sign of the perps. Moving on to Castle County Indiana (well it was written by Stephen King so where would else would you expect to be?) we find mother and son team Mary (Alice Krige) and Charles (Brian Krause) Brady have moved into a big new house, where they have the same problem with cats. You see Mary and Charles are shapeshifting creatures who feed off the energy of the virtuous, but are highly susceptible to cat scratch fever.

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