Dead Dicks (2019, Canada)

Artsploitation continue to bring us the best of weird world cinema with Canadian body horror Dead Dicks. Written and directed by Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer the film features Jillian Harris as Becca who on the day she accepts a college place to study nursing gets a phone message from her mentally unstable brother... Continue Reading →

Mara (2018, USA)

Mara which has just been released to stream on Amazon Prime comes from the producers of Insidious. Criminal psychologist Kate Fuller (Olga Kurylenko, Quantum of Solace and The Courier) is assigned to the murder of Matthew, whose wife Helena (Rosie Felner) has seemingly strangled him in his sleep and the only witness is Sophie (Mackenzie... Continue Reading →

Lake Michigan Monster (2020, USA)

We like a strange sea monster tale at the Hothouse and they don't come much weirder than Ryland Brickson Cole Tews's Lake Michigan Monster, which is out on the Arrow Video Channel and as a digital download in the UK and USA. Captain Seafield Strictly speaking its not a sea monster at all, but then... Continue Reading →

Inheritance (2020, USA)

An emaciated old man chained up in an underground bunker wasn't exactly what New York DA Lauren Monroe's (Lily Collins) expected to be left to her when her wealthy banker father died from a heart attack, still you don't always get what you want as the Rolling Stones put it. So what is Morgan (Simon... Continue Reading →

Five Graves to Cairo (1943, USA)

Yes I know it's not a horror movie, but given that Five Graves to Cairo was one of the earliest Hollywood pictures made by Austrian born writer/director Billy Wilder (Sunset Boulevard, Some Like it Hot, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and Witness for the Prosecution amongst many others) I'm applying the my site my... Continue Reading →

Open 24 Hours (2018, USA)

Mary (Vanessa Grasse) has the worst first day at work ever in Open 24 Hours, which has just been released on Digital HD in the UK. Having just completed her sentence for attempting to set light to her serial killer boyfriend Mary takes a job as a night cashier at the remote Deer Gas Station,... Continue Reading →

Wranglestone by Darren Charlton

In Darren Charlton's debut YA novel Wranglestone¬† we find ourselves in post zombie apocalypse America, where a bunch of survivors have created their safe haven on islands in a lake¬† in the former national park of the same name. Island life is fine for most of the year, keeping the walking dead on the banks,... Continue Reading →

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