Now, this here is the page on our humble horrible website where we shout about some of the blogs, websites, actors, writers, filmmakers and more that we ourselves are fans of.

Blogs, Websites & More

London Horror Society: A growing community for horror fans & industry professionals

The Spooky Isles: A tribute to the best of British and Irish supernatural and horror entertainment

The Year of Halloween: Films, Art, costume and make up tutorials and more

London Horror Festival: The UK’s festival of horror in the performing arts. Founded by Theatre of the Damned and produced by Hidden Basement Productions

Beltane Fire Society: Keeping Edinburgh’s pagan flame burning bright for Beltane and Samhuinn

Edinburgh Horror Festival: Like the Fringe only for Halloween

Wimp Does Horror: Confessions of a newbie horror fan

Classic Horror Films Guide Does what it says on the coffin

Theatre Blooms

Danse Macabre: They will keep your nightmares in progress

Film Bods

Prano Bailey-Bond: Director of Shortcut (eek!) and many more

David Chaudoir: Bad Acid and much much more

Emma Dark: Multi talented UK filmmaker, actress and model

Peter Dukes – Dream Seekers Productions: An ambitious and hugely talented indie filmmaker

Mansfield Dark: Spooky animation and live action, shorts and features

James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez – Night Walker Cinema: The directing duo behind some of the best horror shorts we’ve seen

Robert Nolan: Canadian actor and indie horror film icon

Bill Oberst Jr.: Indie horror legend in the making and probably the nicest man in the business

Tony Sands: Actor, writer, presenter, he was Tom in Moondial now he’s all grown up

Jen & Sylvia Soska – Twisted Twins Productions: Known for their films Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary, these two aren’t afraid to push the boundaries

Wyldewood Productions: Makers of indie short classics Wishing Well and Room to Rent

Network Distributing: Network is run by specialists with inside knowledge of the TV and film industries, and a passion for quality. Preserving the old whilst promoting the new, Network distributes DVDs, Blu-rays and more, and specialises in titles unjustly neglected and gathering dust in the vaults of TV companies

Literary Buds

Nicholas Vince: The Chattering Cenobite turned What Monsters Do writer

Kim Newman: Creator of the Anno Dracula universe, author, critic and broadcaster

Leah Moore and John Reppion: Comic Book Writers and Fortean Author

Neil Spring: Ghost Hunter author

Titan Books: Publishers of some of the finest new horror and fantasy

Neil Gaiman: Author and all-round nice bloke

Steve Jones: Horror’s top anthologist

Dungeon Wall Daubs

Graham Humphreys: you probably own more of this bloke’s art than you realise

Music of the night, ‘they sing so sweetly’

Bernard Herrman: Probably the most important horror movie composer ever

Bloody Jug Band: Southern Fried mayhem

The Mission: the Uk’s most colourful Goths

Motorhead: Just because

The Ramonas: like the Ramones only girls

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