Vikings – Season 6 Volume 1

Vikings Season 6, Volume 1, will soon be out on DVD & Blu-ray™ in the UK. Here's a handy refresher on all the great, and brutal, characters of the much loved series. Vikings: Season 6 Vol.1 is available on 19 October. Ivar Ivar Ragnarsson (Alex Hogh Anderson), is the youngest son of Ragnar Lothbrok and... Continue Reading →

Extreme Nation (2019, India)

So what kind of music goes best with horror? Well heavy metal is up there at the top alongside goth and punk and we are always keen to discover something new and unique on the scene. Indian filmmaker Roy Dipankar is clearly a fan and his documentary Extreme Nation, filmed over the past five years... Continue Reading →

Dead Dicks (2019, Canada)

Artsploitation continue to bring us the best of weird world cinema with Canadian body horror Dead Dicks. Written and directed by Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer the film features Jillian Harris as Becca who on the day she accepts a college place to study nursing gets a phone message from her mentally unstable brother... Continue Reading →

Say Your Prayers (2020, UK)

Two orphaned brothers are brought up in the loving care of Church of England vicar Father Enoch (Derek Jacobi). What could possibly go wrong? Well radicalised by Enoch's extremist Christian teachings hardnut Vic (Tom Brooke) and his sensitive brother Tim (Harry Melling) are sent off to the Ilkley Literary Festival where the celebrated atheist Professor... Continue Reading →

Melancholic (2018, Japan)

Despite being a graduate of Tokyo University, shy Kazuhiko (Yuji Minagwa) is unemployed and lives at home with his folks. A chance meeting with the vivacious Yuri at a public bath house encourages Kazuhiko to apply for a job at the bath house so that he can see her again. However what Kazuhiko does not... Continue Reading →

TOS2020 – ReMission International

When the Mission's Wayne Hussey heard that a group of NHS workers had adopted the band's Tower of Strength as an anthem during the COVID-19 crisis, he decided to rerecord the song with contributions from a few friends to raise some money to help Covid charities. The contributors include: Andy Rourke of the Smiths, the... Continue Reading →

This Gun For Hire (1942, USA)

This Gun For Hire was the first movie pairing for the sultry Veronica Lake with Alan Ladd. Just released in the UK on Blu-ray as a 4K scan from the original elements it was also the fourth billed Ladd's breakout picture which turned him into a star. Ladd palys Raven a cat loving, but ice... Continue Reading →

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