Indie Buzz: Profile of a Killer (2012) review

Northern Minnesota, mid December. Two kids are messing about in the snow, when one of them discovers the top of a skull poking out of a frozen lake. It’s not just a skull either. When the local police turn up they discover it’s the whole deal; a complete partially de-fleshed skeleton and its mounted on... Continue Reading →

Dark Corners Review

A hospital patient with no vital signs but full of life, a job offer for a Death Row prisoner and a mob enforcer who finds religion goes and knocks on the wrong old lady’s door wanting to talk about God. These are just a few of the stories to be found inside Michael Bray’s Dark... Continue Reading →

Indie Buzz: The Earth Rejects Him (2011) review

This short from American director, writer and cinematographer Jarad Skolnick opens with some absolutely stunning imagery of the countryside. So beautifully atmospheric that it put me in mind of the photography of the Provencal countryside from Claude Berri’s Manon des Sources. Of course this rural idyll is soon spoilt when young Ray comes off his... Continue Reading →

Indie Buzz: Ice Scream (2013) Teaser Trailer

From the producer of American Psycho comes an intense new movie that focuses on bullying in the US school system. Based on an award-winning Italian short film, Ice Scream promises to be a graphic thriller that gives an ‘in your face’ look at what happens when bullying goes far beyond the usual playground folly. Starring... Continue Reading →

Friday The 13th (1980) at The Yard

Friday The 13th. We’d already been nigh on stranded in Stratford after the Overground broke down, we got on the wrong bus, we got back on the bus, then came the traffic. Finally arriving in Hackney Wick with minutes to spare, we searched just about everywhere for the enigmatic Queen’s Yard. That ghastly tense feeling... Continue Reading →

Poltergeist (1982)

For me, Poltergeist was one of those movies that used to compel me to sneak into my parent’s bedroom to the ‘forbidden’ VHS cupboard just so that I could get a glimpse of that terrifying video cover – you know, that one with the shadows? I was a good girl, so it wasn’t until I... Continue Reading →

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